Tightwire was the prisoner bi-monthly publication created by prisoners inside P4W between 1973-1995. Tightwire aimed to “dissolve the barriers of physical imprisonment by sharing [the prisoners’] attempts to free [themselves] from the mental bondages that engulf [them]” (from the editorial, 1975 March-April). Because the P4W was so-called Canada’s only prison for women, the P4W prisoner community remained tight-knit. For this reason, Tightwire maintains a prolific stability across two and a half decades of print culture, acting as a powerful source of reflection, analysis, creative praxis, and revolutionary theory on the abolition of prisons and gendered violence and marginalization. The material collected in Tightwire will make your heart flutter, with make you laugh, cry, and will make your blood boil with rage. We warn prospective readers that themes of violence and abuse run throughout the issues, and the content should be approached with sensitivity as some articles may be triggering for some readers.


May-August 1978: