Fran Chaisson is a founding member of the P4W Memorial Collective in Kingston, Ontario. She was born and raised in Toronto. She is a volunteer and organizer with the Two Feather Drum Group, Martha’s Table, Kingston Waterwalkers, Ontario Native Women’s Association, HARS (HIV/AIDS Regional Services), Pow Wow Yoga, and the Kingston National Indigenous Peoples’ Day. She was released from P4W in 1989 and has been clean and sober since 1991. She follows the Red Road and tries to live her life by the Seven Grandfathers Teachings. She is the keeper of the Two-Spirit big drum. For Fran, prison is a capitalist system that does violence against womyn every day. The whole system has to come down!

This recording includes descriptions of violence, including self-injury, that may be triggering to some listeners.

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