Prisoners’ Justice Day

This Prisoners’ Justice Day the P4W Memorial Collective is in conversation with three trans women, Cedar, Moka Dawkins, and Tami Starlight about prison experience, and trans femme decolonial and abolitionist dreams. Each speaker offers an acute analysis of state violence, including anti-Black racism, policing, anti-Indigenous self-determination, and violence against BIPOC trans and two-spirit folks and women and girls. Find our audio interview with Tami Starlight below, followed by our video interviews with Cedar and Moka Dawkins. A permanent link can be found at All transcripts are as follows (the captions for Moka Dawkins forthcoming):

Tami Starlight transcript

Cedar transcript

Moka Dawkins transcript

Alongside these interviews, we are circulating a petition to counter the “Appeal to Repeal Bill C-16: A Canadian Women’s Declaration”, a recent initiative that aims to repeal transgender rights in prisons. While we recognize that appealing to the state for protection for prisoners is not a solution to the problem of prisons, we are advocating for harm reduction as part of prison abolition, to protect trans prisoners who are currently doing time. So that they may have the choice to self-identify their gender. For more detailed information about Bill C-16 and the growing transphobia in CSC, check our the longer letter and sign the petition here:

In solidarity.

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