New Journal Article

A new journal article was published in the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons this month on our work. Here is an excerpt:

“What does it mean to create a memorial on the grounds of a prison that has already shut down? The Prison for Women (P4W) in Kingston, Ontario, Canada closed its doors in 2000 (CSC, 2000), but the prison building and surrounding grounds have not shed their meaning for many. It is a site with social history and memory, which institutional closure does not erase, especially for those who have direct experiences in P4W as prisoners. As a woman at P4W described, “You may think that everything is alright now that P4W is being shut down, but what did it take to do that?” (Horii, 1994, p. 12). Creating a memorial on the grounds of a prison that has closed means seeking to build healing, awareness, and memory regarding the effects of the prison which once was, and the ongoing effects of prisons still open.”

Here is the journal link to download the pdf and read more: