Prison for Women (P4W) Memorial Collective

Who we are & What we do

Welcome! We are the P4W Memorial Collective. We’re a group of ex-prisoners from the now closed Prison for Women (P4W) and other federal prisons in Canada designated for women. We are working towards the creation of a permanent memorial garden and community art gallery on the grounds of P4W, in Katarokwi/Kingston, Ontario. Through our work we honour the women who lost their lives in P4W and other federal prisons, and uplift the stories of those women who survived. We aim to raise public awareness about injustices that continue to happen in Canadian jails and prisons, and to support resistance to carceral power through abolitionist activism and advocacy. Our group holds events at P4W each year on Prisoners’ Justice Day, where we plant the seeds of transformative justice and move closer to planting a Memorial Garden and creating a Prisoner Art Exhibition.

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